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Cirrus Men's Dynamic Comfort B 130 x 278 mm Saddle

Brand: 4ZA
Product Code: SAMCIR4ZA032
  • New dynamic comfort technology
  • Central relief zone
  • Flat nose to distribute weight and relieve stress when reaching for the drops
  • Light and firm padding to support long rides
  • Available in two different widths for better anatomical fit

    Cycling is a dynamic sport, with the body's position changing constantly while on the bike. Thanks to the dynamic comfort shape of the saddle, the contact surface is maximized around the seat bones. The semi-round shape maximizes the support area and minimizes the stress area. The recessed comfort channel reduces pressure and stress from the genital area. The flat & wide nose has extra padding, helping reduce the pressure around the same area. The semi-round rear shape improves the sitting position, which, in turn, improves the pedal stroke action. This feature is important in avoiding knee problems, as the knee is kept in a straight line. It also prevents strain around the hip and back muscles. The dynamic comfort shape also refers to the curve along the length direction of the saddle, offering good hip rotation when shifting pressure from the rear to the front of the saddle.
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