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VeloComputer | Sound of Motion Bluetooth Sensor and Powermeter

Brand: VeloComputer
Product Code: 244695
MSRP: $343.99
  • Current, max, average power (WATT) and current, max average speed in both KM, MPH and MPS
  • Acceleration and deceleration, current max and average cadence (RPMs) as well as current, max and average heart rate (BPM)
  • Trip distance, odometer, rider time, lap counter
  • Current, max and min decline and auto start/stop
  • Works with iphone and Android systems and Bluetooth 4.0

    Precise power measurement without spending a fortune - our new bicycle power meter makes it possible! The bike power meter provides a tolerance of less than 1% by using extremely precise GPS positioning of your location, speed, acceleration and other parameters. Conjoined with the Velo app (approx. 2.99), your smartphone receives and displays all relevant data during your ride. After transferring the saved data to your pc you will see a detailed and clear compilation of your workout(s). You can upload your data easily to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The power meter has a very low weight of only 19 g (sensor only) which is realized through its simple and compact construction. The only handlebar display you need is your smartphone! The installation at the chainstay is possible with little work and needs no complicated jobs like disassembling the crank set and bottom bracket. The latest energy saving Bluetooth 4.0 technology makes wireless transmission possible. The sensor is compatible with other Bluetooth devices, like a heartrate watch. When your bike or power meter is stolen, it can be located through the license key.
  • Data
    Bar Code 698238525268
    Country Taiwan
    HTS Code 9029.20.2000
    Case Pack 10
    Inner Pack 1
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